Quinta Essência Publica Novo livro da Sarah Addison Allen


A Quinta Essência vai publicar em breve o novo romance de Sarah Addison Allen, The Sugar Queen.
A obra de estreia da autora norte-americana, O Jardim Encantado, vai já na quinta edição, sendo um bestseller mundial. Igualmente mágico e fascinante, The Sugar Queen será editado em Portugal enquanto se aguarda a publicação do próximo romance da autora nos Estados Unidos.

A sinopse diz-nos:
Sarah Addison Allen’s Sugar Queen is a blend of food and magic. Josey Cirrini is fast approaching thirty. She’s a plump, painfully shy recluse who hides in her closet stuffing herself with junk food and reading romance novels to find solace from her overbearing mother (the two live together). While her mother Margaret was a classic Southern belle, Josey is mousy and timid, with no friends, no love life, and no dreams. She’s expected to stay and care for her mother.

But Josey’s dull, predictable life is turned upside-down when bad girl Della Lee mysteriously appears in her closet, smack-dab in the middle of her stash of moonpies, pecan rolls, and Little Debbie snacks. Della Lee is Josey’s opposite: she lives fast and hard, has been arrested for solicitation, and seems to be on the run from someone. The only problem is that she refuses to leave the closet.

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